Custom Beverage Sleeves

Custom sleeves for your beverages come in a variety of styles from the printed paper sleeve to custom can coolers. Keeping one's beverages at optimal temperatures for consumption whether keeping it warm or cool is big business. Take advantage of the trend and brand your own beverage sleeves and keep your brand on hand at all times.

When you create a custom beverage sleeve to promote your business you will reach a targeted audience with your message. The great part of incorporating imprinted can coolers into your promotional campaign is they are highly reused and a one size fits all type of promotional item. A custom beverage sleeve can work for your morning iced coffee to keep it warm throughout the morning or to keep your beer cold while tailgating at a football game. Custom brand a great can cooler for the perfect gift for anyone on your client list.

Before you order beverage sleeves for your business we suggest deciding what type of sleeve your target audience would prefer and what your budget can afford. First, there is the ever-popular Koozie brand that is forever associated as an industry leader in can Koozies. One of the fastest trending styles is a metal can coolers that double as a tumbler and can cooler, they make an enormous impact on clients. As the trends in beverages have changed so has the beverage sleeve changed with the introduction of some new styles such as the Koozie Slim Can Kooler which can hold the slimmer style cans. Also, another great new option is the Koozie Magnetic Can Kooler that helps you to prevent spills because it will magnetize to any metal surface.

Custom beverage sleeves is a branding opportunity you shouldn't pass up.