Custom Printed Hand Sanitizers

Why should we order custom hand sanitizers? Between flu season, Noro Virus, and all the other germs creeping around, giving away customized hand sanitizer is a slam dunk as a promotional item. RocketPromo has bottles of hand gel that you custom decorate the labels, promotional sprayers and a wide selection of colorful holder to help highlight your logo.

In the current climate, hand sanitizer has gone from a suggestion to a must-have office product. The best way to order hand sanitizer in bulk is with your logo that can be handed out at work or in a retail space.

Habits are formed over time, and using hand sanitizer is becoming just a way of life. So with the abundance of people using hand sanitizer, it only makes sense for businesses to invest in custom printed hand sanitzers as giveaways.  Consider the promotional impact promo hand sanitizer will have on a client, since every time they sanitize your brand will come to mind.  Promo hand sanitizer is quickly becoming one of the most popular promotional item for businesses to give away to clients and prospects.  Promotional hand sanitizer doesn't just come in a bottle, we have a few variations you can choose from, like ones with a carabiner clips, credit card hand sanitizer sprayers, spray hand sanitizers, and sanitizer bottles with silicone holders. Check out our wide selections of bottle sizes and styles for the custom printed hand sanitizer that can best display your brand.

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As low as: $1.45

Promotional hand sanitizers are popular giveaways at tradeshows, large functions, and schools.