Custom Ballpoint Pens

What is the one swag item every office should have? Easy, promotional pens are a must-have for any and every office. Pens are an office essential, so it only makes sense that your company pens proudly display your logo. A promotional pen helps to reinforce your brand with clients and prospects, it's an easy item to leave behind or gift. RocketPromo has a wide selection of promotional pens to choose from, with or without grips, click-action, twist off, and a range of colors and styles. Chat or call us with any decorating or delivery questions, we are here to help.

Every business should have pens available for clients and employees, and the best way to buy pens in bulk at a discount is as a promotional item. Discount promotional pens are a great marketing tool that can be used at tradeshows, meetings, and seminars. Promo pens are a great way to promote your brands.

As low as: $0.52
As low as: $0.52
As low as: $0.52
As low as: $0.76
As low as: $0.60
As low as: $0.60
As low as: $0.71
As low as: $2.24

Impress your clients with your custom pens. Having custom discount pens on hand for everyday events and functions will ensure you leave a lasting impression on your clients.


Promo pens, especially ballpoint pens are a standard promotional item for any business to offer as a handout or gift to clients. Our blog features a great article explaining why promo pens really work. For a low-cost promotional item, you can get over 3,000 impressions throughout the span of the pen's lifetime.