Social Distancing at Work

Is your office prepared to return to work? RocketPromo has put some thought into items we can provide in bulk your office may need when employees can return the office and customers can once again visit. Some of the thoughts to consider are desk hygiene in and around the office. Having products, such as wipes, available for people to clean their desks at the start of the day, at lunch and before you leave to reduce contamination. Another is the availability of hand sanitizer at key points like bathrooms and kitchens. By letting your employees know you have put thought into their safety when they return to the office will ultimately help to hasten our return to work. Check out some of our antimicrobial mouse pads that can be decorated with your logo or contact us for other great ideas to help ease employees safely back to work.

Another entire other aspect is if you have customers entering your facility, do you have masks to provide added safety to your corporate environment. Custom masks are quickly becoming our best defense against spreading the virus when we return to work. Help make your staff and customers feel safer with masks and a preparedness plan of action.

As low as: $2.79
As low as: $25.95
As low as: $1.05
As low as: $0.40
As low as: $17.00
As low as: $1.75
As low as: $4.22
As low as: $1.01
As low as: $0.81
As low as: $1.46
As low as: $3.25
As low as: $0.95
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As low as: $0.65

As you may be aware stock on items related to the virus can be difficult. If you chose an item where stock is an issue RocketPromo will help you find a comparable product.