Featured Promotional Products

The start of a new year brings hot new trends in Promotional Products.

RocketPromo is happy to feature what we think will be your favorites for 2021. The promo industry has taken a turn from fun marketing swag prior to 2020 to now being a reliable source for bulk orders of PPE. While ordering PPE products was a necessity it was also an opportunity to create brand awareness. Some great PPE products that are bound to get your logo noticed is the custom mask, studies have shown that 80% of people wear a mask all or most of the time while in public. And on that note, only 39% of people own a logoed mask. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the mask-wearing population by gifting them a custom mask from your business.

Another great way to use PPE needs to your advantage is with UV sanitizers for the phone or the desk, to help stop the spread of germs while in the office or at home. We offer UV sanitizer that can also double as a Bluetooth speaker where you can display your logo. One of the more unique items we have seen is the Hand Sanitizer with Slap Wrist, it allows you to keep the hand sanitizer on your wrist without having to carry it or clip it to your pants. This fun item is perfect for students, teachers, restaurant and retail workers who are constantly coming in contact with new people and have to refresh their hand sanitizer often. Also, if you are tired of plastic bags, but want to be safety conscious the new Double Laminated Wipeable Grocery Tote can be used repeatedly and wiped clean after every use. So it is PPE friendly and eco-friendly, making it a great reusable promotional product.

As more and more people are working remotely items like custom earbuds, and imprinted powerbanks RocketPromo has found some great upgrades to your standard work from home items. One of our favorites is the Laptop & Tablet Portable Video Light, there is nothing worse than bad lighting when your on a zoom call or trying to make a Tik Tok. It can be logoed for as low as $15.59 and makes a great gift for sales representatives hosting zoom calls. Also the Axial 4000 mAh Wireless Powerbank so you can charge while on the go. Is everyone in your business using earbuds because we are all working from home or in the office, check out the True Wireless Earbud Phone Wallet. This custom phone wallet not only holds a license and credit cards, but has convenient loops to store your Airpods while on the go. Other desk items we feel will be impactful this year are the RocketBook Executive Flip Notebook Set, its reusable and designed for the home, office or school. Get rid of all those papers and keeps your notes organized by using the Rocketbook and store everything in the cloud. If those aren’t what you want we have Writing Pads with Wireless Chargers and Eco-Friendly Notebooks. And finally a Mobile Office Desktop Document Sleeve, great for when you need to travel between your home office and the main office.

One of the top selling categories in the past year has remained custom drinkware. And some great new drinkware we would like to introduce to our clients is the 24 oz Brooklyn from ETS Express it comes with a straw and can be used for hot or cold beverages. Our second favorite is the Bluff 12 oz. Vacuum Tumbler & Cooler that can go from morning coffee to cold adult beverage in the evening. It pulls double duty as a tumbler and metal can holder. Just brand with your logo and you have drinkware that can go from day to night. Although the standard ceramic coffee cup is a standard for promotional products but the Harvest Spooner Mug features new earthy inspired colors. A great way to have your custom coffee mug stand out in any cabinet.

If we are talking about trends then we would be remiss not to mention athleisure and tie dye apparel. First with people working remotely casual at home attire is more and more popular. One way to create a sense of team is through corporate gear for everyone. Comfortable clothing that is embroidered with your brand is a great option. One other popular trend we are seeing is tie dye fabrics in cropped sweatshirts, sweatpants and hats. When you look on Instagram and Tik Tok or walk through any retail store they are full of leisure wear with tie dye prints and accents. If you can’t jump on tie dye as an apparel trend but love the idea try a flannel fleece blanket. Create an inspiring look for your business with some new activewear.

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