Featured Promotional Products

What is trending for promotional products? RocketPromo is following the industry trends with items focused on working from home, the change in how we do business, along with health and wellness.

So we are promoting items that make your work from home environment to be productive. One item we love is the 10-in1 Office Supply Kit with its translucent case and a mini size of everything you need for your work station. Let’s face it the biggest obstacle we have being at home is distraction, so why not send out Noise Cancelling Headphones to drown out the sounds of a household full of people. Another great item now that we are on constant calls is the Wireless Charging Power Bank Stand & Speaker, which allows you to see your phone while it charges. Great for facetime meetings so you don’t wear down your battery. Plus don’t forget another great gift is a vaccum tumbler for the endless amounts of coffee we all need to drink while working and raising children.

Some of the promotional items geared at the current state of business we are promoting are various plastic bags and paper bags since the reusable totes we have all come to rely on are being banned. Also if you work in a business where signatures are needed on receipts and contracts we suggest some low-cost pens and make sure people keep them to cut down on sharing pens and germs.

From a health and wellness perspective, all gyms are closed so we need to get creative with our time. So a great gift is the yoga mat, not only will it help us stay in shape but manage stress and anxiety. If the slow workout isn’t your jam then can we suggest a running waist pack to hold your phone and keys while jogging or if you jog at night some LED flashing armbands? Another great inexpensive gift is a jump rope because it burns calories and increases coordination.

Another big upcoming event is nurses week and we need to be sure we are showing them how much we appreciate their dedication during this trying time. From Nurse pens, nurses squeezy to our favorite nurse coffee mug. If you want something more upscale we love a great spa kit.


At the end of our day as we sit on the couch, reaching for a glass of wine to end the day. A great way to spread some joy could be from a great wine opener. Another favorite wine gift is the Neo Vacuum Insulated Cup, come up with a great logo and have a viral hit.

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