Custom Sweatshirts

How to promote your brand with apparel gifts? RockPromo feels one of the best ways to promote your brand with apparel is by customizing a sweatshirt. The custom sweatshirt category isn't just the standard hoody with a screen-printed logo. RocketPromo has infusion techniques where the threads are essentially dyed making the logo crisp and custom, or even a laser etch which can be done over seams and zippers and both with last forever. Also with the popularity of such high-end brands like The North Face and Patagonia the sweatshirt is no longer considered just workout gear it can be used in a business casual setting. We offer everything from 1/4 zip to zip-up hoodies for your corporate wear. Contact us today for help with picking the right item for you or how we can help you customize your sweatshirt to really stand out from the rest with unique decorating.

Custom sweatshirts are everyone's warm and cozy attire with your logo.