Branded Klean Keys

If you are trying to find a promotional item for the new normal, then look no further than branded klean keys. These essential items allow you to open doors, touch keypads, and carry grocery bags all with minimal contact. Reduce the spread of germ with a klean key branded with your corporate logo. Give out as gifts to employees for when they return work or as a client gift. Contact Rocketpromo today for all your decorating options.

In today's new world finding promotional items that are low cost yet useful is difficult. The Branded Sanitary keys are the perfect solution. The imprinted clean keys clip to a person's key chain, have a variety of imprinting options and is available at a low price point. RocketPromo anticipates that as the weather gets colder these will not only help with Covid19 but with the flu and other colds and viruses. It's a great way to promote your business and stay healthy.

As low as: $5.11
As low as: $1.93
As low as: $4.49
As low as: $4.53
As low as: $3.10
As low as: $9.28
As low as: $2.50
As low as: $1.59
As low as: $3.25
As low as: $2.19