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Event & Tradeshow Refresh

With so many events being either moved remote or canceled entirely, tradeshows & events haven’t been given much thought in the past 12 or so months. But as vaccine rollout continues to ramp up, the Covid-19 curve is finally beginning to flatten. With that, in-person events are on their way back…finally! While events took a…

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Why Are Promo Hats Effective?

When it comes to summer fashion, headwear is top-of-mind, literally! Stylish and trendy, caps & hats are going to get their fair share of use this summer and beyond. It’s always been an apparel staple, but as we all head outside during the warm months ahead, it doubles as a protective piece from the sun….


Eco-Friendly Promo Products

A growing social concern is that of environmental preservation, but that’s nothing new. But what’s new are the different trends & methods that companies and different organizations are going about countering the challenges that climate change poses. How are you and your organization combating climate change? In this 2020 trend guide, you’ll learn about how…

Summer Promo

Outdoor Dining Essentials

With warm weather lurking around the corner, it’s time to outfit your patio. From coffee shops & ice cream shops to restaurants and everywhere in between, having your indoor dining capacity levels limited over the past year has been cryptic. As restrictions are lifted, it’s important to maximize your overall capacity and do so without…

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Spring Into Summer Swag

Summer 2020 looked different than any summer in recent memory. Not to get ahead of ourselves because summer 2021 won’t be “normal” quite yet, but as vaccine rollout ramps up, it’ll be closer to what we’re used to. Promo products can help keep your brand top-of-mind in the warmer months ahead. By investing in summer…


Back To The Office Kits

With cases on the decline (finally), it’s time to start thinking about returning to the office to some capacity. When your team comes together again, things will look a little different. You’ll still have to keep your distance, wash your hands a bit longer than you might be used to and you’ll still be greeting…

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Virtual Event Gift Kit

Disappointed by canceled in-person events & tradeshows? You’re not alone! In-person events ranging from professional development seminars to professional sporting events have been altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have been canceled altogether, but some have shifted online. While still far from the ideal, it’s better online than not at all, right? However, the…

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Branded PPE Products

Are you tired of the phrase “new normal” yet? We are too! But the reality is, life is going to look a lot different than we’re used to for the foreseeable future. We’re going to have to take precautions to make sure that we keep Covid-19 at bay. We have to continue washing our hands…

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Do Promo Pens Really Work?

So, is anyone actually paying attention to your logoed pen? If you take a quick look through your pen drawer, you’ll probably notice that most of the pens you’ve acquired over the years have a logo on them. Are you paying close attention to that logo every time you jot down a note? Probably not….

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Swing Into Golf Season

If you’re located in a cold-weather state like we are here in MA, golf season is right around the corner. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, lucky you, it never left! But branded golf gear is back in style when the sun starts to shine and it’ll start poking through the clouds of…